A Tweet gives back NFL kicker his job

A Tweet gives back NFL kicker his job

In the days between Thursday and Sunday, there were a total of 14 games played in the NFL. This was the worst week in the NFL since the 10th week in 2011. It was a nightmare week that saw 14 missed field goals which accompanied the four missed extra points. It was a bad day for NFL players but on the other hand, the unemployed may utilize this opportunity in search of job.

This was evident when Connor Barth one other unemployed kicker took the centre stage by tweeting about his availability as a kicker after this dramatic miss week. The tweet would come as great news to Barth who would later be accorded by a two year deal by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It was not clear the official statement on the terms of payment for the new acquisition of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nonetheless, it is considered that he may have not compiled a higher wage for the team provided he has been out of action as a free agent. This comes after Bucs kicker Kyle Brindza had experience worst performance of his career in the last two week.

Bridza has been in a bad shape following a series of misses since the 27th of September. In total, he has missed a total of seven kicks with the initial week coming in during his team’s 19-9 loss to Texan in week 3. He oversaw 1 for 4 on field goals as well as 0 for 1 in extra points. During the fourth week, he was partly to blame after he missed two field goals as well as an extra point when his team was thrashed by Carolina.

The signing of Barth brings him back to his long serving city. He played for the Tampa between 2009 and 2012. This period that he achieved 91 hits of 108 field goals as well as a total of 110 extra points. He also represented city rivals Chiefs for 10 games in 2008 before he moved to Tampa. Later in 2014, he made a second comeback to the city this time with Broncos where he took part in five competitive games. He was cut on the 4th day of September after spending much of the 2015 campaign with Tampa.