A player wins a $1.3 million jackpot by visiting Las Vegas for his birthday

A player wins a $1.3 million jackpot by visiting Las Vegas for his birthday

The progressive jackpot Wheel of Fortune was won by a man visiting Las Vegas to celebrate his birthday and bachelor party. The winner is a Canadian who has hit the jackpot after 30 minutes of play and should be content with 76% of the amount of the jackpot, after the passage of taxes.

A new millionaire delighted

This is a dream tour to Las Vegas for this Canadian who came with his two brothers to celebrate a double event: his birthday and bachelor party boy. The siblings headed to The Cosmopolitan Casino and the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine, which has one of Vegas’ most popular (and most important) jackpots.

After about 30 minutes of play, a miracle spin allows the trio to take a spin at $1,322,750. Being a Canadian, the winner will not be able to pocket the full amount and will have to pay 24% tax, which is about $317,000 on his winnings. Despite this, this stay in Las Vegas will undoubtedly be one of his best memories!

The amount of tax you pay when you win a jackpot in Las Vegas, of any size, depends on where you live. As a Frenchman, for example, you have to fill out an ITIN form to get the taxed amount a few days after the jackpot. This is the experience that the Games Casino team experienced going to Las Vegas three years ago, even if the amount won was much less impressive…!

Wheel of Fortune, solid but not the best

Wheel of Fortune is a progressive central jackpot in Las Vegas and is generally even more generous. In December 2017, the game sent three times its progressive jackpot, with a gain greater than one million each time. Its most direct competitor, the progressive network Mega Bucks, remains unbeatable, including the all-time jackpot record in Vegas thanks to a 25-year-old who won $39,710,826 in 2003