A future casino in North Korea, funded by the United States?

A future casino in North Korea, funded by the United States?

We must sometimes believe that we are witnessing a real play, that everything is orchestrated so it gets big. Recently, one of the representatives of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed his desire to build a major casino resort in his country, in order to attract capital and tourists. Only condition? That this casino is financed, at least partially, by the United States.

A surprising financing request

The soap opera USA-North Korea continues. After a historic rapprochement a few weeks ago, then a cancellation of the meeting expected between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, the show continues as we learn from the website / newspaper The Dong-A Ilbo.

Kim Yong Chol, the country’s closest collaborator, has asked the United States to support North Korea in financing its future casino resort. In exchange, the spokesman promised that they would make efforts to denuclearize progressively.

According to the spokesman, Kim Jong Un is ready to start a nuclear disarmament if the request is accepted. In addition, the man also demands that certain sanctions against Korea be stopped. If North Korea makes efforts, the United States must finance the construction of a land casino.

It was during a visit to the White House that Kim Yong Chol approached the subject with Donald Trump. The goal is to create a tourist resort in Wonsan, equipped with a casino and a ski resort. The site could generate some $50 million a year and boost the region. It would be located halfway between Pyongyang the capital and the border with South Korea, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan.

In other words, there is little chance that this request will be accepted.

US hypocrisy in all its splendor

For some, this project is seen as a way to get closer to the United States and make peace. For others, this seems to be just another provocation and a new episode in this ridiculous soap opera played by both countries.

The United States, whose military budget is by far the largest in the world – and which remains the only country in the history of humanity to have launched nuclear bombs on civilian populations – continues to want to deter competing countries to invest in nuclear weapons. What irony and hypocrisy.