A Fund Drive Dubbed

A Fund Drive Dubbed

A fund-drive dubbed casino night to benefit CASA

For the second year in a row, CASA is organized to have the fundraiser for CASA kids. The event is held at their hall. This coming Saturday is the set day for the event to go down at City Limits. Initially, this event will come along with a pounding dinner which starts from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. This will be followed by hits on the blackjack, craps Texas hold ’em tables. During the event, tickets will be sold for $40 with betting kicking off at 1850hrs. There will be $500 that will be included for the fun cash.

Judy Walker the Executive Director of CASA this firm is there for equipping those volunteers who are ready to promote kids by recruiting them, training as well as giving them supports. She added that they fight for their rights and later documents their finding and presents them to the court.

The entry of a kid to the look after system means that the child may spend almost an year there and may as well undergo some shifting relatively four to five times in that period. It is the task of the volunteers of CASA who take up the role of taking care of the kids in that period and may as well come up with several basic needs for them as time goes by.

The event will specifically go for the purchase of birthday, Christmas, and “I care about you” offerings for the kids. It will also include gas cards for the volunteers and training. The event also brings still and lives public sale that will be accompanied by a tour to Disneyland in California. Prizes will also be won by sweepstake draws. These lottery tickets will emanate from the guests playing the games using the fun cash.

Those willing to make a buy for the tickets will not face hardship as the firm have an office number 254-965-6610 that an attendee can call to buy a ticket. Walker claimed that the tickets will be sold anytime of the day this week up until Thursday. Those who won’t be in a position to make a call and buy, they do also have chances of buying them at the door.