99 Free CasinoClub waiting!

99 Free CasinoClub waiting!

What is better for a real gambler than starting the New Year with a good portion of the game to improve your own game account? If you are a member of this genre Gambler and you cannot get enough of this form of free extra spin, then you should definitely have a duty date in the CasinoClub, one of the oldest and most serious online casinos in Germany. It does not really matter whether you already belong to the exclusive members of the CasinoClub, or simply want to use the daily 99examples to be used for the detailed testing of this virtual gaming hall, because this great promotion is for new customers as well as for the old ones Hares equally available. In order to secure the 99 Freespins every day until the end of the month, they do not have to make an extra deposit at the CasinoClub, nor do they have any other hooks in mind, because once 100 played rounds at the corresponding automaton games , Automatically give you the 99 examples. This gives you almost one-to-one backgammon for every spin you make at CasinoClub.

List of days and slots to be played:

  • On 23 and 30 January – HOT CASH, HOT TEQUILA, MEDUSA

Unlike many other online casinos that require a certain number of rounds at a game machine for the maintenance of frees, you do not have to do any fixed bets per spin here and are so completely free in your decisions how much you want to invest for the 99 frees. You can also take advantage of this great offer not only once in the CasinoClub, but actually on every day of action 99 dumb pots and so until the end of the month altogether almost 600 of these coveted snacks get into your fingers.

But I would rather a bonus without deposit!

Frees are not quite so your thing and you would prefer a smart bonus without deposit, so as a small gift among friends? If you are looking for a free casino bonus, then you can buy a bonus of 10 Euros instead of the Freespins. However, here is the hurdle for reaching this bonus, which is much higher and you will get it only after 300 rounds have been completed. Here too, you can receive this 10 Euro bonus on every day of the event and can still win a total of 60 Euro to the end of the month in addition to the extensive gambling.

Terms and Conditions:

  • It is only possible to receive the 99 Freerolls for 100 rounds, or the 10 Euro bonus for 300 rounds to the corresponding slot machine, between 09:00 and 22:00
  • In order to win the 99 Freerolls, or the 10 Euro bonus, all laps must be completed in one run
  • The bonus must be converted 30 times before it becomes a payable credit
  • The won games can only be cashed in the download version in the CasinoClub and expire after 2 weeks
  • On 22 and 29 January you will receive the examples for CRAZY WIZARD, on 23 and 30 January for MAYA GOLD and on 24 and 31 January for LUXOR TEMPEL

Use the 30% bonus for up to 200 euros

You do not want to miss the chance to win 99 Freerolls or a 10 Euro bonus per day at the CasinoClub, but your customer account is now plundered or you do not mind accumulating a little extra money to gamble, then you can be on the two remaining Sundays in January With the bonus code “SUNDAY”, their deposit, of up to 200 Euro, with a 30 percent bonus. As a result, you can not only theoretically pay up to 60 Euro bonus credits by the end of the month, but you can also participate in the big action with almost 600 examples or an additional 60 Euro bonus credits in the CasinoClub.