9 Tigers Casino Game Review

9 Tigers Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
9 Tigers Casino Game Review

9 Tigers Casino Slot Game made by the Wazdan developer of casino games and scheduled to release in Feb 2020 for the gamblers in all over the global village. The slot of 9 Tigers based on the classic theme and is about the Asian Industry. Having components of the Yin, Yan, Fire, and water in it like the form of the tigers to attract the gamblers of the casino. While, the presence of the graphics, usual features in the game have been given more attention towards the players. The review of the game is composed of the reels, betting range, payout, multipliers, online betting methods, stacks, and free spins information for the wagers and the bookies also.

9 Tigers casino game can be enjoyed by doing online betting for the slot on your smartphone with the help of the application and related software for it. Here are the functions and features a detail of the 9 Tigers game.


There are just 3 reels with the 8 pay-lines for the gamblers to release the payout of 1000x which is too good for the players of the casino. On the next side, the presence of the fire, water, and Tigers bonus are the other sources to give more to the wagers of the casino. These symbols are best to make the required pairs and combinations for the winning amount. The slot of 9 Tigers added the functions of the classic type which could be a problem for the players and the makers of the game in 2020.

Betting Range and Payout

To know the range of the betting for the slot of 9 Tiger, look at the bottom of the screen of the game and select the required option. You should always be in limit while choosing the option of the bet. Look at your pocket before to invest in the casino game because it depended on luck most of the time. The betting range for the 9 Tigers is started from the $0.20 to the $100 which is an average type of the bet in these days because most of the users wanted high rate of betting online for getting more payout.

The Wazadan which is the maker of the game added the maximum amount for payout is up to the 1000x which showed that the slot is of the low volatile slot. Here is the method to play online 9 Tigers casino games and also offline.

How to Play

One thing is to clear that most of the working in the slot will be done by the hidden symbols while you playing the slot physically. We will just tell you the behave of the symbols on the reels and how to make the real pairs and combinations by doing the method of the alternate for the users. The amount of the payout is very inspiring also and no one would like to leave the slot at casino station and online also.

The Return to the Player (RTP) which is fixed with the amount of 96.19% caused the problem for the casino players but free spins, multipliers and the round for free betting can release the pressure of it.

The slot failed to add most of the symbols and functions in the slot, the symbols of the Tiger Bonus will be responsible for the players to do all the work which always done by the wilds and scatters symbols in the casino slots. He must control all the functions of the game very carefully if he wanted to win the game with a high prize.

Tiger Bonus symbols can give the option of the free spins and bonus at the end of the gameplay which would be fruitful for the real player.


There is a little option in the form of Yin, Yang, fire, and water to show the tiger’s symbols in the slot. The theme is of the classic type with the incorporate options of the graphics and design for the players.


The slot of the 9 Tigers added some good and bad options in it like the RTP of small type and payout with the functions of high type. It is hoped that this game will get just some users from the market of the casino.

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