9 Gifts you can give a Casino Gamer this Valentine’s

9 Gifts you can give a Casino Gamer this Valentine’s

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
9 Gifts you can give a Casino Gamer this Valentine’s

Finding a Valentine’s Day gift is never easy. It’s even more daunting to buy a casino gamer a reward, mostly because it’s a small niche. But guess what? Buying a Valentine’s Day present doesn’t have to be a nightmare, especially if you pick any of these choices.

Gaming Peripherals

Casino gamers don’t use the kind of sophisticated machines standard with Steam streamers. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate a decent gaming laptop. So, if you can afford a VR laptop or one that supports live dealer games in 4K, go ahead and do it.

If you have a tight budget, consider buying a specific part of a gaming computer. You could opt for a monitor, a keyboard or a mouse. However, purchase high-quality peripherals to make a lasting impression.

If you choose a keyboard, select one with LED lights and responsive keys. If you choose a mouse, pick a specially built gaming mouse.

VR Headsets

The iGaming industry is rapidly welcoming virtual reality. Already, more than five well-known slot machines support the innovation. Precisely, you can play these slots using your VR headsets:

  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Starburst
  • Miss Midas
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Jack and the Beanstalk

That being said, buying your favourite casino gamer, a pair of headsets is a well-thought gift. For reference, VR headsets for mobile devices cost as little as $35. Devices for PC, on the other end, cost $200 to $500.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets have always been a great gift, whether it’s Valentine’s or Christmas. And the best part is that lotto tickets tend to be cheap. So, whether you plan to spend $5 or $100 for your friend, you can be confident you’ll afford lotto tickets.

If your friend prefers to play slots or poker, you could top up their casino accounts as a Valentine’s Day gift. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. A £20 deposit could be all your friend needs to try out the top 10 megaways slots. And who knows, your gift could be the best that wins your partner a mind-blowing chunk of money.

A Couple of Video Games

If he plays casino games, chances are he enjoys action or sports simulator games too. So, figure out what video games he enjoys and buy him two great titles. In case if you are wondering, here are some of the best video games in 2020:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • The Last of Us
  • FIFA 20
  • The Outer Worlds

None of these games cost over $100. Some even cost $50, so you don’t have to break the bank to impress your friend.

Instead of buying new video games, you could also purchase skins for your friend’s favourite game. Skins cost as little as ten cents on Steam, meaning you can buy a genuinely impressive item with a budget of $100 or more.

Gaming Merchandise

They there’s beauty in simplicity. And sure enough, a stylish poker-themed T-shirt could be the perfect gift for a Texas Hold’em fan. A hoodie customized with blackjack references can be an excellent present for someone who loves the game.

You could argue that T-shirts, hoodies and socks don’t scream romance. But you could gift your friend these items as an addition to something more romantic. That way, you could buy her a beautiful bunch of flowers and a T-shirt featuring a witty casino reference.

Budget wise, merchandise related to online casinos cost less than $50. Unless you are purchasing an entire wardrobe of T-shirts, you can buy a good-looking hoodie for $50 or less.

A Wi-Fi Router

Casino gamers can’t do it without the Internet. So, if you have a friend who struggles with Internet connectivity problems, solve part of their problem with a decent router. To be clear, weak Internet signals can be caused by a lot of things.

So, if you have plans of helping your friend get better Internet, you might want to do more than buying a router. For example, you could also help your friend change their broadband provider or encourage them to buy a better mobile device.

But if you aren’t to do all these things, find a good router and gift them. On Amazon, the best-rated routers cost between $80 and $200. And if you go after gaming routers, be prepared to shell out up to $400.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are essential for gaming of all kinds. When you set out to play live dealer poker, you probably don’t want to get distracted by people around you. The same applies for Twitch streamers.

Surprisingly, noise-cancelling headphones are much cheaper than most people assume. You only need $30 to get a top-notch pair of the devices. And guess what? You could also give them out to a casino gamer this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Cards

Sometimes there’s no better way to gift someone than to hand them a pair of shopping vouchers. It’s not the most Valentine’s Day way to gift someone you love. But if you have a limited budget, don’t shy from handing someone gift cards.

The best part of gift cards is that they don’t have to be about casino gaming. They could be about Amazon, restaurant gift cards or vouchers to buy clothes. Of course, Valentine’s Day gift vouchers should be meaningful. So, ensure you know what your partner loves before you hand him just about any coupon.

Guinness World Records: Gamers’ Edition

The Guinness Book of World Records is pretty inclusive these days. It has records for virtually anything you can imagine, including new age industries like eSports. If you have a friend who adores gaming, consider buying them a copy of the famous book this year.

It’s impressive how many gaming records people tried to break in 2019. Some took a shot at the biggest jackpot ever won. Others went after Fortnite and CS: GO records. There are a lot more records to admire and cherish in the standard Guinness Book of World Records. So, figure out which edition of the book to gift your friend.

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