888casino – new bonus code for up to 888 Euro FreePlay

888casino – new bonus code for up to 888 Euro FreePlay

For two decades now, the 888casino has won over millions of players and has even made some of them millionaires. Only last December, a 47-year-old gambler at the slot machine MILLIONAIRE GENIE was able to look forward to the jackpot amounting to about 4.3 million US dollars and take home the hefty chunk of money home. If you are also lucky enough to be listed on the list of winners of a jackpot, the 888casino now offers you a simple way to get a little closer to this goal with the new bonus code IRISHLUCK.

Climb the rainbow to the top

With the new bonus code IRISHLUCK at the 888casino, you will still be able to secure a magnificent 888 Euro FreePlay up to twice a day until March 17th, if you succeed in going through to the end of the rainbow, as the big pot, The Irish goblin has hidden there. Your journey on the rainbow begins with a deposit of at least 20 Euros, along with the bonus code IRISHLUCK. Now come to a small, but very profitable miniature that as the coin with two sides is probably the original form of every gamble. For “head” or “number”, your personal karma will decide whether you want to climb another level on the rainbow or not. You start with a freeplay of 10 percent on your paid amount of up to 200 Euro and can reach the right choice of “head” or “number” over the levels 15, 20, and 40 percent, also up to 200 Euro, to the large Pot of the 888 Euro heavy FreePlay. To make it a little easier for you at the respective 50-50 odds, the 888casino will give you an extra try at each level, provided they are there. Only when you have actually made the wrong choice twice, the game is over on the rainbow and you get the FreePlay that they have been up to then on the way to the pot.

What is a FreePlay at 888casino

The FreePlay is a very special action in the 888casino, which is the bonus, but in spite of this, it offers an advantage over most bonuses, because with this FreePlay credit you can also win jackpots, just as if you were playing with your real monsters. At the 888casino, you can gamble with the FreePlay on different predefined game machines, which, except for two exceptions, all have a big jackpot, just like MILLIONAIRE GENIE. So it is worth a FreePlay here alone because of the possibility to become a millionaire. If you play with a FreePlay at the given slots, all of the winnings will be converted into a bonus, but the entire FreePlay has to be used completely between one and three times, depending on the action and the conditions. For the resulting bonus, the corresponding sales conditions from the GTCs or the promotion apply.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The bonus code IRISHLUCK can be redeemed until the 17th March in the 888casino every day up to twice with a minimum deposit of 20 euros
  • Depending on the luck in the game “head” or number “you can get Freeplays of 10, 15, 20, or 40 percent on the amount paid up to a maximum of 200 Euro or as a best option a freeplay of 888 Euro on reaching the end of the rainbow Apply
  • On each level on the rainbow you have another try after a wrong choice
  • After receiving the FreePlay, you have to convert it to the predefined online casino games within 14 days
  • The maximum profit you can earn from the FreePlay and then converted to bonus credits is limited to the same amount as the amount of FreePlay obtained, unless you win the jackpot because it is credited to you as a pure cash win
  • The winnings from the FreePlay are converted into bonus credits and must be implemented 30 times within 90 days before a payout can occur
  • The payout bonuses, including the bonus you receive from the FreePlay, are limited to a maximum of 500 euros in the 888casino