7s On Fire Casino Game Review

7s On Fire Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
7s On Fire Casino Game Review

7s On Fire Casino Game scheduled to be released at the start of 2020. It is composed of modern features but the lower quantity of the RTP might be the problem for the casino players. The game developed by Barcrest to get some benefits from the casino industry. The review of the 7s on fire will be enough to give you comprehensive detail of all the functions and the presence of the symbols, reels, multipliers, betting ranges, payout, free spins and rounds which are the key role of all the casino games.

7s On Fire slot game can be played by downloading the software of the required game and the developers also. Here is the description of the functions and features present in the slot.

Functions in the Slot

This product of the Barcrest added 3 reels and just 5 pay-lines for the gamblers. A wager can get up to the 1250x but overall this slot failed to get some engagements of the users. The Return to Player settled for the layers is of just 95.10% which is the only cause of the unpopularity of the slot game. The symbols are available in the form of a classic would not enough to get a reliable prize from the slot and you always need to get the wilds symbols for this purpose.

Betting Range

Gambler of all the kinds, who has filled his pocket or not, both can plat the 7s On Fire slot casino game because the minimum betting option is of just $0.10 and the maximum of $500. So, do not wait to play this slot for practice as well as for winning some profit from it. The problem of the little RTP will be a real challenge for all the users.

How to Play 7s on Fire Casino Game?

We are just worrying to tell you how this would be handled as it is a boring slot due to the functions and features in it. It is best for the newbie’s players of the casino who wanted to get experience. The alternate of the regular symbols of the Lucky 7 will give you some wins for the cash. By handling well with the, you can chase up to the 250x stacks and 125x during the spins process.

One of the worst features of this slot, the output of the winning combination by doing alternates is too low to impress the users of the slot. If you want to get High amounts up to the 500$ by giving just $20 to the developer of the slot, you need to trigger the high Roller of Games.

Some of the experts of the casino argued that they are away from this casino game of 7s on Fire due to low payout and irrelevant features in the entire slot. But, it is good for the new players in the casino.


There is no option of the Progressive Jackpot but the spins of the High 5 Roller triggering can give you up to the $500 for every set of the round. A wise wager can also get some extra spins as free to do well at the spot. Some extra features which are present in the below screen can add some more coins to the winning amount.

The 7s On Fire casino slot is a very risky slot because of the threat of just 95% RTP. Below than 96% RTP is the sign of the danger for every player of casino.


The availability of the fire symbols in the slot and the other fruit option made the game very uneasy and boring also for all the lovers of the casino. The casino of the 7s on Fire is made to lose the business? Because there is not a single feature that could release the benefit for the player and the makers. Bar logos, Bells, Oranges, and Cherries are some extra options in the game.


If you skipped this slot, it will be better for you because of lower RTP and high Payout. The game is looked like 40 years old with high volatility.

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