30 Cash Races at Sunmaker Casino at the start of the year

30 Cash Races at Sunmaker Casino at the start of the year

At the Sunmaker Casino, the New Year will start with the 30 day 30 Cash Races campaign. And of course, that means more fun for you, and, it should be, even more possibilities to cover up with profits. The new year so start at the online casino Sunmaker is definitely not the worst way. After all, a year is always a good start, if you take a lot of profits at the beginning and you can really look forward to it.

Cash Races in the Sunmaker: Every day there are plenty of winnings

Yet the whole of January, i.e. by 31 January 2017 there is for you in Sunmaker casino fun and even more ways to win. The casino starts with you in a special way in the New Year. With the 30 Day – 30 Cash Races promotion, you have the opportunity to play at a certain time at a certain time every day until the end of January, thereby gaining even more profits. For example, on Slot 9, you can play on the 9th of January between 12.00 am and 3.00 pm and leave something behind. With luck, you can win one of 42 cash prizes, which are triggered by random number generator.

In total, the Sunmaker Casino has put together a prize pool of 30,000 euros so that every day 42 wins of the total value of 1,000 euros are waiting for the participants of the 30 day 30 cash races. For example, 150 Euro will be distributed to a winner every day, which is the main prize. In addition, two winners will be rewarded with 100 Euro each, four winners with 50 Euro each, ten winners with 25 Euro each and 25 winners with ten Euro each. These cash prizes will come naturally to the player account. And a start to the New Year with even more game credits is always a very good thing.

Win is immediately on the player account

To ensure that there are no long waiting times and you can also make a quick profit from your 30 day – 30 cash races in the Sunmaker, this will be immediately credited to your player account after the win. If the random number is the winner of one of the 42 daily cash prizes, then you have the cash available immediately. By the way, the Sunmaker Casino has intentionally chosen such that a random generator will determine the winners. For this reason, all players have the same chances of winning something, regardless of the frequency of the games played or betting. You can also win if you turn the reels only once at the selected slot.

Of course, there are also certain conditions of participation as well as the general terms and conditions of the Sunmaker Casino, if you participate in the 30 day 30 Cash Races. But that is completely normal and actually you do not have much to consider. What is important is that you stick to the fixed times for playing at the selected slots. And already you can join and win. what are you waiting for?