3 Tennis Betting Strategies

3 Tennis Betting Strategies

3 Tennis Betting Strategies You Can Use For In-Play Betting

In most cases, betting plan is usually determined by both pre-match analysis as well as pre-match betting. However, this only determines only the first three sets in tennis. If a game goes for a tie breaker, here are some clues on the best way to wage.

Backing under 9.5 games following a tie breaker

This type of market is common in many betting sites. This means that a tie breaker set must be won by 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 or 6-0 for one to win. When the favorite losses a tie breaker, it shows that the set was more tense and hard to both. At the same time, it shows that the underdog played a top-class game in the set. However, the underdog will in the end loss the match due to fatigue, concentration loss or the experience of the favorite.

In case the favorite wins a tie breaker, he/she feels relaxed. On the other hand, the underdog will feel disappointed and looses the fighting spirit and will head the set on a low note which is a great advantage to the favorite.

Backing a player who wins the second set to win the match

The one who scoops the second set in a three match set is usually crowned the winner in most cases. Especially if this player comes from a set down for example 3-6 to win 6-4, he enters the third set with extra ambition and motivated to mark his territories like he did in the second set. On the other hand, the loser of the second set will feel demotivated and worn out and he may enter the third set when not 100% fit. The winner of the second set may have extra psych coming to the third set if at all he is the one serving in.

Backing a player to be broken if they failed to break in the previous game

This technique has been common to many tennis matches and has overseen 55% accuracy. Though how less it seems, many punters have odds of over 3.00.This will increase bettor’s opportunity to pocket in more cash. This means that if at any instance player B (14-40) didn’t break Player A in the previous game, definitely player B will lose the match. Player A will win (40-40). Hence, player B will head to the service game a little bit tired up if she didn’t break player A. for a bettor, it would be advisable to bet on player A who won the previous game unlike B who will be the desperate player between the two. However, this technique is more likely to be common among two players who have equal experience unlike between an experienced player against an underdog.