3 Devils Pinball Slot Review

3 Devils Pinball Slot Review

Crazy Tooth Studio has a new slot which will be a Microgaming exclusive and we are also looking at an interesting new angle in a pinball-style machine with lots of cool new features. 3 Devils Pinball delivers the pinball-style graphics and some fitting mechanics and features for that sort of game. It is not the sort of game that you will easily find somewhere else and having a special choice is incredible in case you’re really familiar with pinball.

3 Devil pinball gives 6×4 reels are with 25 lines. There are moments where you get up to 6×8 reels and 50 win lines, making it more certain that you will get to the 2,597x big stake. Medium instability and 96.70% RTP, those are two awesome figures to consider. Its features includes the 3 Devil’s Bonus, the Pinball bonus, the wilds and multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

$0.20 is a low enough starting point that any player should be able to afford it. In case you are working with a bigger budget, the game allows for bets of up to $50 each round.

You won’t get rich while playing 3 Devils Pinball but the 2,597x the stake bonanza could be great in if you get close to it. There are slot machines which can pay better but on the other hand those are also a lot riskier to play. Here, we discover a medium instability title which has the RTP at 96.70%.

3 Devils Pinball Slot Features

There are two types of the wild image. You have an regular variant for one which you will use just to form new combinations but you do not get any extra prizes. With the multiplier wild, the same replacement results in a increasing of the combination’s prize. The 2x multiplier is applied by every wild multiplier involved in a win.

As you play the game, you will discover that a reel expansion feature can occur and it will be called Pinball. It is random and when it does hit, you will play with 50 lines on 6×8 reels, so the game zone doubles. Balls will be fired into the game territory and will transform random images, giving you either multiplier or regular wilds instead.

And afterward, there are also the scatters, images that you will use to trigger the 3 Devil’s Bonus. It is a bonus game where you get a big game region which is loaded up with bumpers and cash prizes. The prizes are gathered when hit by balls going through paths while bumpers will apply multipliers of up to 5x to them.

Theme and Design

The game area looks like a pinball machine if we go by the outer area. It has flames and neon lights going by its sides and a small devil at the top. The game zone is loaded up with images of fire, some of them colored in purple, others in green or orange, while the more profitable symbols show off several variants of the devil symbol alongside a pike. Wild logos and scatters are also deployed.


With everything taken into account, 3 Devils Pinball is not an awful real cash slot. It is, visually a retro option, however I would consider its features slightly on the modern side. I valued the presence of those themed features, they do add to the pinball theme.