2018 Victory Did Not Earn UK football Much Honor

2018 Victory Did Not Earn UK football Much Honor

Kentucky’s Citrus Bowl victory to finalize a 10-3 season earned UK little respect going into the upcoming season.

Sounds like Kentucky Football heading to the Fall of 2019? Nobody has in Terry Wilson at quarterback. He has been selected by many media outlets as the 12th to the 14th best quarterback in the SEC. This Terry Wilson is the same one that led his team to a 5-3 record in the past year in the SEC as a rookie. He is the same who finished  67 % of his passes last year rating only behind Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama and Jake of Georgia but ranked as the 14th best quarterback in the SEC in 2019.

Wilson was as well the second top rushing quarterback during SEC behind Nick Fitzgerald of Mississippi State. Third top passer and second best rusher on a 10-3 team but can only do  14th out of 14 coming seasons. Undoubtedly, if the helmet he was putting on had a big A or G on it, his projected rating would have been momentously higher.

Now let’s see about running backs. No one esteems Kavoisey Smoke or AJ Rose at running back. Adam Spencer of Saturday Down South ranked the top 10 running backs recently in the SEC following the end of 2019 spring matches. Not a single Wildcat on the schedule. Spencer stated three incoming first-year students that he might have included on the listing if he had some history to continue. Coincidentally those freshmen participate for LSU, Alabama and Ole Miss.

That implies that, based on Spencer’s ranking system Smoke that sped for 132 yards in the spring match on five carries, and Rose a running who raced for 86 yards on 11 carries can’t make it to the Top 13 running backs in the SEC. While participating on a team that is popular for being “run-oriented” and completed sixth in the league in rushing yards per game in the previous season. And that’s just the mistake. What of a defense that rated sixth in the nation last season in points per match and number two in the SEC?

Whatsoever, you grasp the image. The Kentucky football team appears to gain as much respect like the Jets did in Super Bowl III. AAnd, the participants see it. The trainers see it. Marrow, the coordinator, said that the disrespect is a motivator for his team.

“People keep on disrespecting us. The time is just about to come. We will take tackle that soonest. I think our participants are beginning to get a little ticked off just like I am.

Like the New York and Joe Namath Jets, other times when a team is set to win, like the Baltimore Colts, and they rise against a team that is fed up of getting disrespected, just like the New York Jets, strange things happen. Similar to an eighteen-point underdog hitting their opponent in the Super Bowl.

For this season, don’t be amazed if you see an angry bunch of Wildcats spew out their frustrations on their struggle. After all, there’s a good reason why they strap on the equipment and play the matches. Talk is smooth and predictions are just predictions. As  said in the ancient  days, “Not worth the paper they are written on.”