2018 Horse racing Cheltenham

2018 Horse racing Cheltenham

Racing in the Cheltenham is not a modern day festival, It dates back to two hundred years to 1815 when the first racing Cheltenham was held in Nottingham Hill. This is a sport which started as the British and Irish horses used to race and the winner would get the prize money. It takes place in March in the Cheltenham racecourse. But we heard many rumors that this sport is involved in betting and some horses earn more than losing what they earn in winning. As 200,000 racegoers spends 500 million pounds on bets. Quality is a measure of any sport that brin. The spectators to any game, and strengthens their belief on that sport.

There is a horse racing Cheltenham every year and people watch it whole heartedly, but seeing your horse lose that you are supporting at the very last moments is a sign of complete distress and regression.

2017-2018 Horse racing Cheltenham’s fixtures dates has been announced. It started with The Showcase ‘ on 27th and 28th of October 20·11.Following the November meeting’ on ·11th, 18th and ·19th of November. Before start of the festival there are a New Year’s Day’ and Festivals Trials Day’ on 1st and 27th of January respectively. The festival starts from 13th and continues till 16th of May 2018.We need a quality horse racing to attract more spectators and investors to promote this sport. Horse Racing is a very serious matter, for those who take it as more than a sport.

Racing in the Cheltenham does not only require a very stable yet lighting fast horse but a very patience and a smart rider as well. It is the combination of both. Understanding the racecourse is also the apart of this sport.

Stamina is one of the key what we seen in the last few Cheltenham’s as the horse gets exhausted as the very last rounds of the race. Horse Racing Cheltenham is one the festival that is on the bird eye of many people who want to see the quality racing and waits for whole year for this tournament.

There are different sites available on the web that tells and the ins and outs of betting in Cheltenham. They also provide different tips to the racegoers for better betting and which horse to bet according to its characteristics and past performance in the Cheltenham. Horse Racing Cheltenham is going to be the greatest this year as many are talking about it. Fans will descend on Cheltenham for Champions Day that will be held on Tue 13th, Ladies’ Day on Wed 14th, and St Patrick’s on Thursday 15th March 2018. And at last the most awaited day of entire festival that marks the climax of this festival. Gold Cup Day that will be held on 16th March 2018.Do not forget the celebrations after that.