2016 team guide

2016 team guide

2016 team guide for Germany Euro based on adept predictions, key players and tactical maneuver

During the Germans coaching staff meeting Urs Siegenthaler joined them. This meeting was set to prepare the German Euro 2016 team guide. The major topic they talked about was Atletico Madrid and Leicester City. They were looking into how the success of this two could bring success in France tournament.

Siengenthaler said that the game would face slight changes and that they’ll still battle to catch up. He continued by saying that there`s need to develop a definite strategy so as to attain their goal. During the period when Joachim Low was Germans teams coach the game was only involved in the team having the ball in the field as much as possible. Nowadays teams don’t really care about the ball in hand; rather they comprehend the game by leaving the ball to the opponents and partake major counter attacks in the time of need.

The return of Mario Gomez emerges the tradition of the center forward. Leading as the super scorer in the Turkish league Gomez is by far known as a dimensional striker. When Gomez enters the soccer field the atmosphere changes as he is number nine in the epoch of delusive 9. This psyches up Joachim low as he organizes the team to partake the traditional three man attack which comes with proper wingers. Nevertheless we shouldn’t be less surprised if Low comes up with another experiment. Due to their win against Italy they may return to a three-man defense. Low explained how they needed to form 4-3-3 or even 3-4-3 transformation so as to enable the team to bypass the opponents defense without tiring some players, the likes of Jamie Vardy.

So far many are asking which player in the German will take them by surprise come Euro 2016. Many have argued that Julian Weigl may take everyone by surprise. With Borrusia Dortmund, he has been a stunning player in the Bundesliga season. This makes people make assumptions that during the Euro he may continue with his superb tactics. By this he`ll apply his passing abilities to make the scores. Even so some raises the question of who could become the disappointment. The name Bastian Schweinsteiger comes up. Though he is good when in good health, he has been injured frequently in the past seasons. This makes people make the assumption that he may only see confined action in France.

The last question which many were asks is, how far do anyone thinks Germany will go and what circumstances or reasons will prompt to those levels? This brings up the topic since the world Cup match. Though the potential is vast, the carrying into actions since the World Cup has been greatly earthbound.