2015 draft not as big as last year

As the transfer period for the NFL has ended, and the draft is officially closed we have a smaller amount of players joining the professional teams through the NFL official draft. This is due to the fact that last year up to 36 players, where some of them even left school to be picked by any team, were left without one, therefore they stood at the middle of the road between school and professional NFL, not being able to reach any end.

This fact kind of scared off this year’s college NFL players, being a push back in their contemplating about joining the professional NFL league, and because of that we have smaller number of completed drafts this season compared to last.
Only 74 players managed to turn their career from semi-professional to professional, and to have a chance to turn their signature into auto gram.

We have one of the wonder kids who managed to enter and successfully join a team in this year’s drafts.

JameisWinston commented for the questions of the media saying that the decision was one of the hardest ones in his life that he will have to say goodbye to the entire family he has in Florida and the family that he has in the locker room of Seminole. He is thankful and will never forget the moments that he passed with his teammates and the experience that he has earned as a player. He has had the great time and he is asking for the teammates and fans to understand that he is not leaving them, but he is seeking for a brighter future as a professional NFL player. The things that he went through will be forever in his heart both as a player for the Seminole and as a student in the same college.

After the announcement that he has made the official NFL Draft director Mel Kiper Jr. has placed Jameis on the position of second best quarterback for the draft right after Marcus Mariota who is the winner of Heisman Trophy in the 2014 year. On his list of all the drafts for the current picking he is on the sixth position, after previously been put to the test and his body dimensions allow him to qualify for the draft and to be a professional NFL player.

Since the start of the 2013 season Watson has made it to the top of the quarterbacks in the college league with his passes. He has 65 touchdown passes and amazing 7964 passes from the fourth pass. 124 from the second pass or less and that puts him on the second place as a recorder of passes made that changed the game.

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