14 time Grand slam winner Tiger Woods is has made a remarkable history in Golf

14 time Grand slam winner Tiger Woods is has made a remarkable history in Golf

Tiger Woods the 14 time grand slam winner in Golf, the one of the finest golf player who set an era in Golf sport. He is well known for his skill in Golf in which he is master class player. His playing style and the focus he had on his passion had earned him more grand slams in his career.

Many were thinking about the post Tiger Woods era in Golf but it is not much long than they think about it. Due to injuries in back he could not do well in this year 2016. This year is not a favorable year for Tiger Woods as he had lost most of his games this year.

Apart from PGA championship he had no chance for winning as he is suffering from multiple back injuries. He is the man who set an era in Golf called by most of the Golf lovers as Woods era. For him Golf is his passion in which he won 14 grand slams which shows that he is the best player ever.

He is a record setter and leaves challenge to other Golf players but never allowed most of his opponents to win grand slams in which he participated. He won British open, US open, Masters and various other tournaments and has been toughest competitor for most of the players.

His efforts gave him acclaims and desired trophies but he plays effortlessly and lifts the trophy easily. Winning a game is still not an issue for him but due to back injuries he could not give his best. He is missing what he is targeting for but pushing hard to prove his ability as an experienced master class player.

There are many young players arrived in to the game who are talented and skilled to take the winning chances. They are looking forward for their best on the game as they get more support from fans and supporters. This is really interesting that the game is still growing, enlarging reaching widely to many young people also.

There are many fans and supporters still expecting Woods to show his real talent in the game that is going to happen this weekend. Though Tiger seemed to be fallen out for the past two years he is still considered as the one of the finest Golf player who has been role model for many others.

He has been supporting many players for more than 10 to 15 years pushing hard others in to the track whenever they are off the track. He is not only the key player but a trend setter who showed the world that we can play Golf differently from traditional set up.

People say that his era is almost going to out as he is fallen from the line. As years passed and he passed many good days in Golf and now it is time for him to end what he started.