11 Enchanting Relics Slot Review

11 Enchanting Relics Slot Review

Microgaming is going to release a decent slot machine for the international players. Yes, 11 Enchanting Relics is one of the best slot machines by the makers. You will see beautiful features and functions in the slot. The design of the game showed the forest, castle and fantasy style. At the start, it came with different features, but in the end, you will be aware of all the functions.

Reels & RTP

There are five reels and 25 pay lines in the slot machine. These lines can give you 10,000x the stakes at the end. The Epic Strike Jackpot has consisted of scatters, wilds, free spins and 96% RTP for you. The highest volatility will give you additional chances to win the prize.

Betting rate and payout

The betting range has started from only 20 cents to $25. It would be best if you got any pairs between these two. The Epic Strike Jackpot will deliver you the prize of $250,000. You will amuse by the pairs of betting and payout. Some hidden functions will help you in the middle of gameplay.

11 Enchanting Relics Slot Features

No doubt, all the features are powerful to use. The Epic Strike Jackpot is very easy to claim in the centre of gameplay. You need to get the land 11 of the Relics in front of you. No doubt, you cannot get these options very quickly. It is the reason to stay away from the slot.

There is not any complicated feature in the slot. However, between the 3 and 11 scatters, reels will give you more prizes. If you start to work, then many multipliers and jackpots will come to your site automatically.


The theme of the slot machine showed that the world is filled with magic. If you see it in the back of the theme, then it is not visible to you. But, it would help if you assumed that there is a forest in the background of the game screen. The presence of purple mushrooms, rainbow, castles and other symbols created a fantastic scene for you.


Overall, it is a gorgeous amount to attract the players to the game. You need to get all the features before unlocking the game. No doubt, it does not have maximum payout and multipliers, but the middle-level options may increase the chances of winnings.